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Spearfish Canyon Lodge
Spearfish, SD, USA

Spearfish Canyon Lodge is a beautiful resort tucked away in scenic and peaceful Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota. We captured their rustic elegance and found the most effective expression of their unique offerings through a strategic combination of marketing efforts.

Our most recent collaborative effort brought the activation of a new website that meets rigorous Web Accessibility standards. As a subscriber to Digital Design’s Web Services, Spearfish Canyon Lodge is now provided with regular Accessibility Audits, Website Performance Reviews, and Content Refinements to ensure effective and measurable ROI!

Scope of Engagement

  • Web Design & Development
  • Web Accessibility & Ongoing Compliance Audits
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Ongoing Performance Analysis & Refinement
  • Digital & Printed Marketing Assets
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
  • Logo Design

Spearfish Canyon Lodge website on desktop, iPads and an iPhone

Website Redesign for Web Accessibility & ROI

Changing standards in the hospitality field made Web Accessibility a new critical requirement for Spearfish Canyon Lodge. We kicked off a comprehensive Specifications Phase and took the time to evaluate all aspects of their existing website and uncovered many opportunities for improvement. The end result is not only a stunning site but one that checks all the boxes, from Accessibility to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Sales & Lead Generation.

ADA compliant navigability and contrast, and Accessibility page shown on 3 iPhones

ADA Compliance at Site Launch and Beyond

Achieving technical compliance with rigorous Web Accessibility standards was a crucial launch requirement - this includes criteria such as sufficient contrast for vision-impaired users to keyboard navigability and screen-reader compatibility.

Continuing to remain compliant with the evolving accessibility standards is equally important. As part of the web services subscription, Digital Designs not only equips SCL’s in-house editors with the knowledge to keep their site content web-accessible, but our team also provides regular accessibility audits and remediation to ensure their site remains in compliance.

Activities section on homepage shown on iPad and Packages page shown on iPhone

Strategic SEO aligned with Business Goals

Our in-depth review of the previous site's search analytics and behavior data revealed several areas of weakness. We recognized the opportunity to better align the site's structure with Spearfish Canyon Lodge's business offerings and marketing objectives. Better Search Ranking and an overall more effective User Experience was achieved by tailoring the content of the site to what visitors to the area search for.

Tablet and phone versions of navigation shown on iPad and iPhone

Clearer Navigation & User Flow = Effective Sales Funnels

Spearfish Canyon Lodge has a lot to offer, and the previous site navigation had become crowded and didn't fulfill its purpose of guiding the user. We grouped the site's content into a well-balanced mix of transactional and inspirational content to express the full range of what a stay in Spearfish Canyon would offer. This combination presented in a well-thought-out user flow now leads to a range of meaningful results for the resort, from hotel reservations to rental bookings, and wedding venue requests and more; all carefully tracked and consistently reported on for maximum insight.

Rentals page Call to Action shown on iPad
Weddings page-specific navigation shown on iPad
Dining page-specific navigation shown on iPad

A Winning Combo of Digital Marketing Efforts

The solid and well-maintained SEO approach inside of the Web Services Subscription goes a long way to make Spearfish Canyon Lodge as discoverable as possible, but business marketing is much more multi-faceted today. Since the launch of the new site, we've been executing seasonally relevant Search Engine Marketing (Google Search Ads), Email Marketing, and Social Media Advertising which facilitate continued expansion and customer retention efforts.

E-mail marketing and social media marketing shown on iPads and iPhones

Increased Conversion Rate


Increase in Revenue

Finding an agency that walks alongside us in true partnership and is fully invested in our success, is rare and priceless.

Scott Betten
General Manager, Spearfish Canyon Lodge

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