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Leones’ Creamery
South Dakota, USA

Family-owned, Leones’ Creamery provides a unique product, utilizing high-quality ingredients. Nestled in a charming spot in downtown Spearfish, South Dakota, their welcoming atmosphere and delicious frozen treats create a familial environment and community space that customers from near and far treasure. We equipped these fine folks with a well-architected, editable, search engine optimized website that tells the brand story well, makes visitors aware of their current products, and inspires them to visit.

Only a few months since launch, the new website has showcased more than 100 unique flavors and generated an increase of over 1,000% in overall traffic. Mobile traffic has increased by over 1,100% and the average time spent on a page grew by more than 100%. With a substantial website as a solid marketing foundation, not only can fans engage with Leones' in new ways, the fan base continues to expand throughout and beyond South Dakota.

Leones' Creamery website on 4 devices: desktop, ipad vertical, ipad landscape, and mobile

Capturing the Leones’ Brand Character

On entering the site, everyone experiences the one-of-a-kind Leones’ brand. Well-crafted content written in the familiar Leones’ voice and tone, quality photography, and the right balance of whimsy and boldness make a lasting impression.

The new site conveys the Leones’ values that support their vision and mission: combining innovation and handcrafted quality products to bring people together.

Leones' Creamery website on tablet showing hand-drawn illustrations and quotes from the Creamery team
Leones' Creamery website on tablet showing a blog detail page

Introducing the Online Flavor Board!

Leones' was already doing amazing by engaging their fans on social media. We strategized together and unlocked a whole new set of opportunities and reach for them by equipping them with the Online Flavor Board. Inspired by the chalkboard flavor board in the shop the Online Flavor Board presents the eight available ice cream flavors with beautiful mouthwatering visuals. Staff can update this information with ease. Upon launch, fans were immediately excited by this newly added feature! We anticipate the Online Flavor Board will be a game changer for the creamery! We openly admit that we have found ourselves checking it daily. Who would want to miss out on Lavender Vanilla with Honey? It's the creamiest EVER!

Leones' Creamery website showing Flavor Board on 3 devices: desktop, ipad landscape, and mobile
Leones' Creamery website on 3 mobile phones

A Charm Familiar to Fans

Throughout the site, users are introduced to collages that capture the atmosphere and personality of the creamery, and Leones’ signature hand-drawn illustrations. Tied with script headings and quotes from the team, these pieces altogether continue to reflect the creamery’s family-oriented, homemade charm.

Leones' Creamery website on 3 mobile phone, showing the blog list and a detail page

A Peek into Creamery Life

Another noteworthy piece that's been added to the site is the blog. Fresh content allows the Leones’ team to connect with customers in a brand new way. Here they can go beyond what their social media posts achieve and share how flavors are made in-depth, introduce community initiatives, portray partnerships with local suppliers and more. Fans of the business will be given new sight into life at Leones’ Creamery, creating a new level of engagement and relationship.


Traffic Increase


Unique flavors showcased

We absolutely LOVE the new and improved leonescreamery.com

Hannah Leone, Rebecca & John Williams
Owners, Leones’ Creamery

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