Timberline Builders custom-built home in winter

Timberline Builders
South Dakota, USA

Timberline Builders Inc. is a Black Hills based construction firm owned and operated by Michael & Jenny Greslin. Timberline has a strong reputation of not only consistently wowing home-owners with stunning end-results, but also for making the entire process a delightful experience.

Family-owned since 1973, they specialize in craftsman-style custom homes. When Timberline wanted more recognition in a new area, we helped them achieve that goal with a rebrand and a website to reach their prospects.

Timberline Builders color scheme
Timberline Builders logo shown on the company's truck

A Versatile Logo for a Quality Brand

Timberline Builders previous logo conveyed their original focus which was on log home construction. Since that had shifted and their scope was now broader, they needed a new mark that would accurately reflect and underscore their brand character and sound reputation of outstanding craftsmanship and extraordinary customer service. The new icon is unique and memorable. Their consistent use of the brand colors and typography on everything from vehicles to construction site signage has been instrumental in raising Timberline's brand awareness.

Timberline Builders logo icon
Timberline Builders logo with centered text

Website Makes Excellence & Expertise Visible

Next we turned our attention to Timberline's online presence. Understanding their goals and target audience, it became clear that a robust, custom-designed, SEO-optimized website would be the most effective marketing solution to reach the prospective home owners who valued the level of quality in craftsmanship and process that Timberline offers.

Timberline Builders responsive website shown on several devices
Timberline Builders responsive website shown on a tablet

Responsive Project Photo Galleries

In Timberline's case, the character of each home speaks for itself. Awe-inspiring project galleries make it plain to see that the nature, standard, and knowledge of Timberline Builders make them the trustworthy choice for custom home construction. People are spending more time looking at their gorgeous work.

Timberline Builders responsive website shown on three phone screens

Custom Design with Attention to Detail

Authentic client testimonials, make it plain to see that the character, quality and experience of Timberline Builders make them the trustworthy choice for custom home construction.


Time on Site Increase

Working with the Digital Designs Team was a true pleasure.

Michael & Jenny Greslin
Owners, Timberline Builders

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