Iceberg Solutions logo on a card

Iceberg Solutions
Arizona, USA

Iceberg Solutions is a consulting firm operated by Chris & Lisa Baird in Phoenix, Arizona. Their approach rests on the principle that there is more to any system or structure than meets the eye. They understand that true and lasting change in any sphere of life can be achieved when people discover their true potential. As they set out to reach clients in the business and education space with their valuable services, we helped bring definition to their company branding and develop their logo.

Iceberg Solutions color scheme
Iceberg Solutions logo sketches

Accessing Untapped Potential

We embarked on a collaborative journey of taking the literal image of an iceberg and reducing to its most minimal lines. As we moved from paper to digital artboard the additional concept of a diamond entered the picture and resonated strongly with Chris as it also represents solid internal substance and the necessity of refinement to reveal true value.

Iceberg Solutions logo shown on a mug

A Simple Pictorial Mark

The end result is a striking pictorial mark that marries two powerful strong iconic concepts for the Iceberg Solutions brand. They are now ready to implement this on all strategic marketing efforts, from business card to social media and beyond.

They treated our business as if it was their business.

Chris Baird
Owner, Iceberg Solutions

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