Elkhorn Ridge business cards and website on phone and tablet

Elkhorn Ridge
South Dakota, USA

Elkhorn Ridge is a resort, golf course and real estate development on a historically registered 5,000-acre ranch. Their heart and mission is to preserve the history of the Frawley Ranch and carry on its legacy through strategic and responsible development of living and recreational spaces. All aspects of the business have seen steady growth since its beginning in 2005.

Their team sought our help when they needed a new online marketing partner. Digital Designs partnered with Elkhorn Ridge to update their logo and define brand guidelines, allowing them to bring their website and other marketing efforts into clearer and more potent expression.

Elkhorn Ridge color scheme
Elkhorn Ridge old branding

Brand Audit Reveals Need for Consistency

After moving their resort website onto a secure hosting environment, we kicked off a Discovery project to assess the efficiency of their current marketing efforts. Our collaboration got started in a pickup truck, as we toured the ranch, marveled at the historic sites, and simultaneously conducted a brand audit. This revealed that over time their logo and other visual brand expressions had become too varied which had contributed to a diluted brand message. It was time to bring clarity and consistency to their branding.

Elkhorn Ridge Stylescape

Defining Brand Character before Logo Design

Through a series of discovery sessions and insightful interactions with stakeholders and staff, we developed stylescapes and defined Elkhorn Ridge's brand character as Refined Rustic. Inspired by the iconic barn red that many of the historic structures on the ranch share in common, we zeroed in on "oxblood" as a refined hue of that color and the accent of the new color scheme.

Elkhorn Ridge logo sketches

A Majestic Icon gets an Update

To complete the branding project, we developed a new logo for Elkhorn Ridge. Understanding that one of their core objectives was to overcome the fragmented perception of their various business entities, this new logo would be consistently used for all marketing from golf and resort to weddings and real estate. With the help of our in-house wild game experts, our designers sketched and developed a new iconic elk that is both anatomically accurate and versatile in all applications. Equipped with accompanying brand guidelines, Elkhorn Ridge's marketing director is now able to ensure their brand is expressed consistently in all channels.

Elkhorn Ridge logo
Elkhorn Ridge white logo on window
Elkhorn Ridge Brand Guidelines
Elkhorn Ridge business cards

A New Website That Covers It All

With their branding redefined and released, it became time to develop a new responsive, SEO-friendly, editable website to reach more customers. Previously, Desktop had the most engagement with mobile as a distant second. Since the launch of their new website, Mobile has taken over as the prevalent device and their mobile traffic has grown by almost 100%! The site’s custom design, engaging photography, and ease of use gives locals and travelers from near or far a taste of the unforgettable experience that awaits them at Elkhorn Ridge.

Elkhorn Ridge website on 4 devices: desktop, ipad vertical, ipad landscape, and mobile
Elkhorn Ridge Homepage introduces golf, real estate and history

Conveying Elkhorn Ridge as One Destination

Since previous marketing efforts had been fragmented, many were unaware of the connection between the RV Resort, Golf Course, and Real Estate Opportunities nor the Historic Significance and Conservation Philosophy of the business. The new website now unifies all of that into one clear message.

Elkhorn Ridge website on 3 mobile phones showing blog entries and general site entries

CMS Flexibility for Ongoing Success

With a new Content Management System, the Elkhorn Ridge team can now edit their site with ease and publish new blog posts to stay in touch with their growing audience. The flexibility of the CMS together with the layout options positions them perfectly for future growth and feature expansion.

Elkhorn Ridge Weddings & Events page on ipad
Elkhorn Ridge Weddings & Events detail page on ipad

wedding venue online inquiry increase

Digital Designs runs like a well-oiled machine.

Maggie Schneider
Marketing Director, Elkhorn Ridge

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