Dynamic, interactive and engaging, the Internet is now the most powerful business tool available. Properly implemented, web tools level the playing field between small business and large enterprise.

Website Development

A website should reflect the unique characteristics of a business or organization.   Each organization has specific clients, specific objectives and desire specific results, SO, why settle for a cookie-cutter website?  At Digital Designs, our core strength centers around building custom websites for organizations that are unique, reliable, produce measurable results!

Responsive Design

Screen sizes will always be changing, so it’s important that your website adapts to any screen size, today or in the future. Responsive design is a foundational part of a properly operating website and ensures that when customers or clients need information, your website provides the best experience as it provides the answer!

Search Engine Optimization

Our approach to web development ensures that your new site goes live equipped with the proper SEO foundation to achieve your goals. If you want to take your site's performance to the next level, our experienced team is ready to develop and execute the appropriate strategy for you.


At Digital Designs, you'll never get cookie-cutter treatment! When your online strategy calls for a Content Management System (CMS), we will equip you with a robust, secure, commercial-grade CMS platform that is tailored to your brand and puts content publishing control at your fingertips!


Availability is key when operating a website!  Robust, reliable and redundant, Digital Designs hosting platforms and subscriptions scale to meet the needs of your growing website.  Utilizing global content delivery networks, 24/7/365 monitoring & alerting, we ensure your website is always open for business. 

Digital Online Strategy

We could just design and develop state-of-the-art websites, but that's not enough for us, we want to make sure your new online presence is surrounded by a comprehensive strategy that allows it to function as a powerful and influential tool in your marketing arsenal.

Web Analytics & Reporting

For us Web isn’t limited to the initial website build. After site launch, we continually monitor the performance of all your online tools and keep you updated how goals are being met or what steps can be taking to reach unmet or new objectives.


From start up to enterprise level, we strategize, develop, launch and help you maintain the online store that fits your needs and your budget.  Your online shopping portal needs to produce results - let Digital Designs help construct your store that generates sales.

Email & Online Advertising

Email and paid online advertising can be a very powerful component of your marketing strategy.  With Google AdWords, CPC campaigns, email marketing or social media based advertising, we can help you target potential customers based on very specific criteria such as age, gender, occupation or online behavior.  Reach your customers where they are!

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