Shop Village Logo sketches

Shop Village
St. John's, Antigua

Shop Village is a new business with the desire to make a familiar concept better. Located in Antigua, it is a web portal that allows goods and services providers to showcase their businesses and offerings throughout the Caribbean. The business draws on the principles of closeness and connectivity that a local village shop created in small societies. Shop Village seeks to celebrate and honor those ways and connect them to the reality that they can find expression in our modern world which has evolved into a global village. It was our pleasure to partner with Shop Village and equip them with a professional logo that represents the lively brand.

Shop Village Brand General Color Scheme

Defining the Shop Village Brand

Before sketching a single line, we defined the brand character by going back to the inspiration behind it all – the original village shop. A Village Shop is a general store in a small society that, in addition to merchandise, offers a social gathering point for the residents of the town or neighborhood. Shop Village strives to be that important institution serving as an economic, and social center for a community.

As a result, through collaborative discovery sessions, we defined the brand as one that will effectively replicate the village shop’s dependable access to businesses and their respective goods and services, while simultaneously offering access to the stream of life available inside of a society.

Shop Village Sketches
Shop Village Colors
Shop Village Sketches
Shop Village Logo on card

A Social Brand needs a Social Logo

Having defined the Shop Village brand, we then developed a visual that would reflect that. Further exploration and sketching led to the concept of a village cluster with one building that is central to all with the door as the focal point. This became the visual that resonated most with the client. The inviting yet sophisticated logo was developed by merging local architectural elements and colors, and the quaintness and close connectivity of the original village shop with the modern realities of vastness and globalness. We are excited to see this emerging brand become established and fulfill its mission.

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