Cosmos Mystery Area rack cards

Cosmos Mystery Area
South Dakota, USA

Cosmos Mystery Area is a unique and family-friendly attraction in the Black Hills where mystery, science and comedy collide - visitors stand on the walls and balls roll uphill! We promise it's safe. 2015 marked the year that Cosmos Mystery Area's mobile website traffic exceeded their desktop traffic, particularly during the busy summer months. It was time for a responsive redesign of the successful site. We tackled this and an update to their rack card all at the same time, which allowed for seamless expression of their mysterious branding across those two products.

Cosmos Mystery Area rack cards

Rack Cards & Website in One Fell Swoop

Traditional marketing tactics including tangibles like rack cards still have their place in the tourism space. With new amenities being added to their attraction that needed to be featured, it was essential that clearly established branding was applied to this piece to make it work seamlessly with the website. At the same time, being one of the longest-standing destinations in the Southern Hills, and family-owned and operated, we wanted to let the history of this topsy-turvy place shine.

Cosmos Mystery Area responsive website shown on several devices
Cosmos Mystery Area responsive website on mobile

Responsive Redesign To Meet The Audience Where They're At

We took a mobile-first approach when planning the website to ensure the best use of available display space and the highest degree of usability across all devices. Pulling in their Instagram feed was a notable engagement tactic we employed since the majority of their target audience seemed to use that platform.


Responsive Site Traffic Increase

Working with Digital Designs has been a wonderful process.

Kevin and Heidi Bybee
Owners, Cosmos Mystery Area

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