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Chromatic Industries
Texas, USA

Chromatic Industries Inc. is a Texas-based company that manufactures and distributes valve solutions for the refining, mining and petrochemical industry. Digital Designs equipped Chromatic with a custom-designed website that has become the cornerstone of their lead generation strategy. Their website continues to expand and adapt as company objectives evolve, including the recent addition of a sophisticated membership portal.

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Chromatic Industries Inc. initially approached us in need of improving their online presence as their previous site, a mix of two company websites, did not accurately reflect the excellence and innovation that they stand for. Through remote video strategy meetings, we collaboratively developed a website architecture and design that effectively conveys Chromatic's quality offerings to their target audience.

The responsive and user-friendly website quickly communicates that Chromatic has the solutions to the various challenges their prospects face in the industry. From products and case studies to news and technical data sheets, the Chromatic team can keep their website content up-to-date through their new high-powered Content Management System (CMS).

Built for Growth and Future Expansion

We have continued to partner with Chromatic Industries Inc. as the company has evolved and new needs emerged. The flexibility of the CMS has positioned Chromatic perfectly for the recent addition of features. 

Chromatic Industries Inc. Member Portal on a tablet

myChromatic Portal for Increased Productivity

The newly added myChromatic portal is a secure resource access point for sales representatives and established clients. With full control over member permissions and document distribution, the Chromatic staff is empowered to unlock new levels of productivity and streamlined interaction with clients.

Chromatic Industries Inc. Inventory Page on a tablet

New Inventory Feature reflects Expanded Product Line

As their product line expanded, the addition of a dynamic inventory list became necessary. This recently implemented feature allows existing and new clients to see which products are in stock and facilitates order requests.

Constant support for our growing digital needs

Hunter Dobson
Marketing Analyst, Chromatic Industries

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