BrightPath Foundation kids at tech camp

BrightPath Foundation
Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.

BrightPath Foundation is an international non-profit organization based in Trinidad which focuses on building local capacity through values-based technology training, education sector support and resource development initiatives.

We developed a new website for them that showcases the broad spectrum of initiatives and support that their global staff provides, while ensuring that the central message of technology empowerment remained in focus.

BrightPath Foundation responsive website shown on several devices
Girls at BrightPath tech camp

Empowering Communities Through Technology

BrightPath Foundation's new site that allows them to clearly convey their mission to empower communities through technology. The engaging, responsive design ensures that articles, event information, and many other valuable resources are easily accessible to their audience of young people and educators alike.

Photos Courtesy BrightPath Foundation

Traffic Increase

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