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Logo Design

Hitting the brand mark

Memorable logos are well-crafted visuals that fit into a square inch. They are timeless, versatile and accurately reflect the character of your business and resonate with your target audience. Digital Designs would love to help design yours!

Stylescapes help define Brand Character
Logo Design Concept Sketching
Final Logo shown on a Mug
Design is so much more than just aesthetics or visual impact, it's about uncovering a message and communicating it to its fullest potential and to the right audience. As the shorthand for your company, your logo must do all of that in the most compact space. Before we grab our pencils, our team of designers and marketing strategists starts the collaboration with you by capturing your brand character through a strategic discovery session. We ask lots of questions to make sure we understand your business, your mission and your audience.

Through that process, we help define your brand character. Is it whimsical, caring or rustic elegant? These attributes will guide your brand's visual expression. Once that discovery process is completed, we can move into concepting with clear sight. This allows us to focus on quality versus quantity during sketching and early digital rendering.

The final product is a sound and versatile mark that accurately reflects your company and resonates with your customers.

Logo Design Case Studies

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