Technology – a blessing, not a curse.


I’ll be honest, I am no early adopter. I resisted for a long time before upgrading to a smart phone and now, of course, I value immensely the efficiency in which I can communicate with those that are important to me (thank you Whatsapp), the access to valuable and enriching resource it provides me and tools that help me manage effectively the various demands and responsibilities that are on my life (thank you Safeway App, Lifelock & Asana).

What caused me to be hesitant to jump on board as quickly as others did in 2010/2011? Additional monthly cost? Yes. The learning curve? Not really. Mainly, I think it was doubt in the promise of it improving my life. The supposed ROI was simply too vague and intangible. It turns out, however, that it was worth it and the extra $15 we invest every month are well worth the benefits we have reaped from it as a family.

As I meet with small business owners, directors of non-profits and marketing personnel, I can relate to them being in a similar predicament; yet instead of being apologetic about the fact that we live in the age of technology, I am thrilled to share the magnificent opportunities that are now at our fingertips:

  • New and powerful ways of getting the valuable information about your services out to those who need them – perhaps an interactive infographic that finally effectively conveys the impact your prevention program has on our community.
  • Digital communication that creates meaningful connections, establishes trust and fosters loyalty – consider the dental office’s Facebook post about cavities being reversible, who knew?
  • Best of all, access to specific traffic and user behavior data that helps you choose which technology and communication tools should be in your tool belt.

Technology is not a necessary evil, nor should it be a burden and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Will it require time? Yes. Will it cost money? Yes. But you don’t have to do it all, especially not all at once. One of our greatest pleasures is helping our clients navigate the road to effective digital marketing and choosing which tool is right at any given time. That is our purpose and we take it very seriously.