Kick-start Tips for Facebook Marketing


Facebook is a beautifully interconnected and currently cost effective tool to market your business, but it’s also a massive entity with constantly changing facets that complicate what used to be an easy way to reach your audience. Facebook’s ‘ranking algorithm’, which decides which posts get shown in a user’s newsfeed, makes it a complex undertaking to stand out in the ever-growing sea of content. And sadly, the decline in organic reach, or unpaid exposure, is inevitable.

BUT… it’s not impossible to reach your audience. There are still ways to generate brand popularity and exposure to users. The key is to develop a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy and execute it with care and consistency. In most cases this requires time, effort, and maybe a little extra help. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Find your personality.

It’s not enough to sign up for an account and paste your brand everywhere in hopes to sell, sell, sell. People are on Facebook to interact with others. Keyword here being others, as opposed to marketing robots. Your brand/company has to attain a level of charisma and presence before you can begin to outright promote products and services. Users are more likely to interact with you when you give them a platform for human connection alongside your promotional materials.

2. Build your community.

You need to understand your specific audience and offer something more. We’ve all become experts of mass consumption at an alarming speed and it’s easy to tune out certain messages. It’s important to create an environment for your audience to feel like they are a part of the family. Draw them in and keep them around by educating them, making them laugh, being a friend and giving them a voice. And above all, don’t forget to show your appreciation for them and your gratitude as they help you grow.

3. Stay educated and keep things fresh.

Facebook is constantly evolving. Don’t fall behind the curve! Make sure your strategy evolves as Facebook does. Take time to research every few months and glean from those who have experience and knowledge of the Facebook realm. Read up on articles and news from marketing experts, bloggers, and tech gurus or consult with a social media strategist to gain insight. In addition, don’t shy away from looking at other Facebook pages for inspiration and ideas. Stay on top of trends to foster relevancy with users.

4. Hire social media managers.

We understand that this hostile environment can be a little daunting for you. Especially when getting started. There is a lot to consider: graphical production, frequency of posting, post material, etc. But we can take care of that for you! Whether you are looking for a kick-start strategy or a long-term social media manager, we can assist you. For more information, give us a call!